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Lirik Lagu Still Virgin - Feel Down.docx

Lirik Lagu Still Virgin - Feel Down

Title  : Feel Down
Artist : Still Virgin

When i try to run and really fast
The perfect i see
When i hope a star
Will coming on my heart

You know everyday i spell my time
Just wanna make you smile
And i hope you always
Take me with your love

I just want you know
If i loving you
When i feel down when i feel sad
You make me up.. feel like i was only one
To be the best in you
To be the next in you

To be lose you
I'm so afraid because i need you
I don't wanna alone without you
Without you in my heart
That something i can’t do
Something i can’t do

When no one not understand to me
You always in my side
You give me support
When im falling down
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